We believe all Canadians deserve experienced, professional accounting and tax preparation services. That’s why we’re serving Canadians wherever they live via our innovative remote filing process. Whether you’re living in the big city, up in cottage country, or a rented villa in some hidden paradise, you can work live and one-on-one with a skilled tax preparer or accountant without leaving home. Whether your income comes from salaried employment, self-employment, rental or Airbnb income, Personal Tax Advisors can help you file your Canadian income tax, GST or HST return, or corporate filings. We even file your GST/HST return for free.

Personal Tax Advisors began in 2005 providing income tax preparation services, completing thousands of returns to date for Canadian clients from all walks of life. We provide advice and education in a judgement-free environment and offer special attention to sole proprietors, self-employed people, artists, freelancers and their friends.

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