Choosing Your GST-HST Filing Period

What Is A Filing Period? Your GST/HST filing period determines how often you must file a GST/HST return. Unlike income tax returns (which always have an annual filing period with a set year-end and filing deadline), GST/HST registrants usually have several options. For businesses earning annual revenues of $1.5 million or less the default filing [...]

Remote Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Advisors completes all tax preparation remotely (phone-based, no in-person appointments). If you require a meeting via video chat or in-person, please inform us before booking your appointment. Remote Tax Preparation allows you to have the same level of service as an in-person appointment, but with the convenience of not having to come to [...]

Does your foreign real estate have to be declared on T1135?

Form T1135 must be filed when a person answers 'yes' to the question "Did you at any time in the year own foreign property valued at over $100,000 (CAD)?" However, some real estate is considered exempt from this question, and therefore doesn't trigger -- and need not be reported on -- form T1135. If the [...]

Never Miss Another Tax Slip

©iStockphoto/gemenacom If you want to file your taxes but aren't sure you have all your tax slips, Personal Tax Advisors can help. Personal Tax Advisors now offers clients free automatic slip downloads directly from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). With your permission and some basic details about your account, we can find every [...]

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