Get the GST Remover here.

Becoming a GST-HST registrant adds an extra layer of complexity to your taxes when you’re running a business in Canada. One of the up sides, however, is the ability to claim back from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) any GST or HST you spend on your business.

GST/HST paid on business expenses or assets is claimed back in the form of input tax credits (ITCs). When you file your GST/HST return, you report the amount of tax you collected, then subtract out the ITCs.

But do you really want to go back over all your receipts and try and add up all the GST/HST you paid on every purchase? Of course you don’t. And now, you don’t have to.

To make your life easier, Personal Tax Advisors has created a free tool that will take any tax-in amount for purchases made anywhere in Canada and strip out the sales taxes for you — including the ITCs. And you don’t have to do them one-by-one, either. You can take a total of multiple transactions, so long as they all happened in the same province, enter the total in the GST Remover, and strip out all the sales tax at once.

Purchases in multiple provinces? No problem. Add up a total for each province, run each total through the calculator, and you’re done. Easy!

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The only thing easier would be to join the Personal Tax Advisors family, of course. We specialize in self-employment and the GST/HST, and we do all the calculations and file GST/HST returns for free.

But if you’re still a DIY-er, have no fear: the GST Remover is here.

Get the GST Remover here. The instructions are included, but it’s pretty simple: all you need to do is enter the province in which the purchase was made, and the tax-in amount. The calculator will break out the sales taxes for you.

Check out our video showing how to use the GST Remover. In a hurry? The main instructions start at the 2:50 mark.