April 30 may have come and gone, but if you haven’t filed your income taxes there’s still hope.

It’s always worthwhile to file as soon as possible, even if you’ve missed the magic date.

You may not actually be late!

If you or your spouse have self-employment or freelance income, you both have until June 15 to file your income tax returns. Contact us to ask about your options and/or book an appointment.

You may not be facing any penalty!

Remember that late filing penalties are based on taxes owing. If you’re getting a refund, on the other hand, there’s no penalty for filing after the deadline. That said, why wait for your refund? Book a tax appointment and get your refund that much sooner.

Get your credits sooner!

Various federal and provincial credits like the GST/HST credit, the guaranteed income supplement and the child tax benefit are based on your tax filing. First payments go out in 8 weeks, so contact us now and make sure you get what you deserve as soon as possible.

Pay less, not more!

Even if none of these situations apply to you, remember that late filing penalties get higher the longer you wait. Penalties start at a modest 5% but can rise to as much as 34% if you delay filing too long.  You can always choose to pay later, but every day you delay filing a return adds to the penalty they charge on top of your tax bill. Keep the cost down – and get it off your mind – by filing sooner rather than later.