Prepare For Your Appointment

Use this checklist to assemble your documents and information to prepare for your tax appointment or mail-in submission.

Your completed Deductions Workbook*. If you’re claiming self-employment income, make sure you’re getting all the deductions you’re entitled to by categorizing and totalling your expenses as best you can in our Deductions Workbook. You can download the current version of the workbook here. Please don’t use an older version. Make sure you’ve left yourself enough time to complete it in advance. If you don’t have your workbook ready on appointment day, you may be subjected to filing delays and/or additional fees.

Your new car lease contract or details*. If you are self-employed, and you use your car for business purposes, and you have entered into a new (or new to Personal Tax Advisors) lease, we will need details about the lease, e.g. MSRP of the vehicle, interest rates, payment amounts, length of lease.

Any relevant letters or documents you’ve received from the Canada Revenue Agency.

T-slips for the year. This includes T4s, T4As, T3s, T5s, etc. Note: don’t panic if you can’t find these. We can often obtain them for you directly from the Canada Revenue Agency.

RRSP receipts for the year. Remember that any RRSP contributions made within the first 60 days of a year belong to the previous year’s taxes. I.e., if we’re doing your 2019 tax return, remember to bring your RRSP receipt from February of 2020.

Total medical expenses not reimbursed by insurance. We may not need to use these, but they’re good to have just in case. Medical expenses for you and your family usually must exceed 3% of your or your spouse’s income to have an impact on your tax outcome.

Charitable donation receipts or total donation amount for the year.

Spouse’s income for the year. An estimate is sufficient. However, if your spouse has already filed his or her taxes, please bring his or her tax return.

Did you sell your principal residence in the year? Don’t forget to let us know. We’ll need to know the year in which you purchased it, the year in which you purchased it, and the amount for which you sold it.

Did you own foreign property valued at over 100,000CAD at any time in the year? We’ll need a summary of the amounts of your investments and/or the value of any foreign real estate holdings.

* Applies to self-employed clients only. Be sure to email your Deductions Workbook ahead of time, especially if you’re new to this.