Ever since we began, Personal Tax Advisors has had a passion for business owners and self-employed Canadians. It’s the reason all our tax advisors go through special training specific to filing tax returns for self-employed people.

And we’ve always gone one step beyond that: When you file your income tax return with Personal Tax Advisors, we always file your GST or HST returns for free.

We do all the calculations for you and use exclusive in-house tools to ensure that your income tax return and your GST/HST return fit together perfectly. Meanwhile behind the scenes we’re keeping detailed records of every calculation, so that if the Canada Revenue Agency ever comes calling, we have the documentation to back them up.

We know you didn’t get into your business so that you could spend your waking hours bogged down in calculations and tax law. It’s our job to get taxes off your mind so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

We do your taxes. You do you.