Remote Tax Preparation allows you to have the same level of service as an in-person appointment, but with the convenience of not having to come to our location. You can speak with your preparer, ask questions, and review your tax outcome, from wherever you are.

What do I have to do?

First, you need to set up a time for your virtual meeting with a preparer. Then sign an authorization form, and send scans, PDFs, or legible phone pictures of any documents required so that your preparer has everything they need to get started.

  • Book an appointment: If you haven’t already done so, get in touch with us so we can set up a time for your preparer to review your tax file and touch base with you. Expect a phone call within a few minutes of the start time where your preparer will obtain further information from you and/or provide you with an estimate of your tax outcome.
  • One-time Authorization form (new clients ONLY): New clients must sign and date an authorization form to give us access to your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account. This will allow us to obtain and verify your tax slips etc. and provide the best possible service.  Download the one-time authorization form here and complete the highlighted fields.
  • Annual Authorization form: All clients (new and returning) must sign and date an annual authorization form to allow us to transmit/file the current return. Complete Part A, and sign and date Part F. Download the annual authorization form here.
  • Tax Documents: Refer to our checklist to confirm the materials we may need in order to complete your tax return and scan (or take legible pictures with your phone) them.

Obtain PDFs, scan or take legible phone pics of the documents indicated (authorization and tax documents) and send them to before your scheduled appointment time.

Alternatively, you can send physical documents to our office location via courier or regular mail.

Note that we cannot begin your return until we have received your signed authorization, relevant documents and information from the checklist. Please get them to us at least 4 days before your scheduled appointment time.