Choosing the $500* Work-From-Home deduction vs self-employment business-use-of-home

* Limit was $400 for 2020, $500 for 2021 Covid-19 changed everything, including changes to taxes for the 2020 and later tax years. Now that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is offering a small Work-From-Home (WFH) deduction for salaried people, self-employed Canadians have questions. Specifically, people who have always deducted business-use-of-home (BUH) as part of self-employment [...]

Remote Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Advisors completes all tax preparation remotely (phone-based, no in-person appointments). If you require a meeting via video chat or in-person, please inform us before booking your appointment. Remote Tax Preparation allows you to have the same level of service as an in-person appointment, but with the convenience of not having to come to [...]

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