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What Happens to the Money You Repay to Your Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP)?

Considering how often they're used, there is a lot of confusion over what a Home Buyers Plan withdrawal really does and how it works. Personal Tax Advisors: Next Level Tax Preparation Next Level Tax Preparation means experienced preparer who can do what software and seasonal workers can't. You can get 'good enough' tax preparation from [...]

Sheltering An Income Spike With RRSP Contributions

©iStockphoto.com/eyetoeyePIX When you have a great year, sheltering an income spike with an RRSP contribution can save you excess tax. Jargon Alert! Marginal Tax Rates The feast-or-famine world of self-employment and freelancing can be terrifying or exhilarating. Unfortunately it can also be expensive when it comes to taxes. A person who earns [...]

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