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Final 2015 U.S. Tax Seminar in Toronto

© iStock/Creative_Outlet Filing deadline for U.S. Citizens living abroad is June 15th.* Americans in Canada and around the world are wondering how to cope with the many U.S. tax issues. This seminar is hosted by Chris Eggers of Investors Group and Democrats Abroad Canada–Toronto, and co-hosted by professional accounting firm Lawrence and Associates [...]

File On Time Even If You Can’t Pay

As we approach one of the biggest tax filing days of the year* and tension rises, it’s time to remind everyone of one important thing: Even if you can’t afford your tax bill, you really, really, really should file your tax return on time. Personal Tax Advisors: Next Level Tax Preparation Next Level Tax Preparation [...]

Mail­-in Returns Due by Friday, May 30

Returning clients are eligible for mail­-in/drop-off tax preparation. We must receive all required materials no later than noon on Friday, May 30, to ensure that your return will be filed before the June 15 deadline. Mail-in Tax Preparation: If you are interested in doing a mail-in return this year, contact our scheduling manager at scheduling@personaltaxadvisors.ca to receive your mail-­in package which includes a checklist of the documents/information we need and other instructions. Drop-off Tax Preparation: If you are interested in doing a drop-off return this year, bring your tax materials to the office or, after hours, please slip [...]

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