Keeping CRA Happy While Doing What You Love

Freelance writers are the backbone of both print and online media, and almost everyone who puts words together for pay is a freelancer at least part of the time. And while you may treasure the time you spend practicing your craft, the reality is that being a freelancer means running a business; and running a business means having to know more about money and taxes than your brother Jim with the full-time job ever will.

This Tax Workshop presented by Sunny Widerman of Personal Tax Advisors is an entertaining and information-packed presentation about the financial and tax aspects of running your own business.

Great! While the other speakers had great information, [she] outshone them with a sunny personality (no pun intended)…Heartfelt, frank, and funny. –Steven B, workshop participant

Sunny’s specialty is a friendly, approachable introduction to what you need to know to get you started. Hundreds of participants in dozens of workshops over the years can attest that you won’t be intimidated, and you definitely won’t be bored!

In this workshop you’ll learn about the GST-HST, deductible expenses, how to use RRSPs to protect your income, and why doing what you love is great business.

Besides the basics of business taxes that affect all freelancers, writers’ issues are given a special focus in this event, including:

  • How royalty income affects taxes and GST/HST
  • How to charge GST/HST to clients located outside your home province
  • How to account for copies of your books given away as promotions
  • How an honorarium is taxed
  • What to do when a US client or agent wants a W8BEN

Take the opportunity to ask all your lingering tax questions during the Q&A from an expert who has been working in taxes since 2002. No judgement, just great advice and information with a sense of humour on the side.

We should get you on TV! Not many personalities can be so entertaining about taxes. [I especially appreciated] your balance of expertise and humour. Excellent, lively and informative. –Marlene O.

Excellent – friendly, accessible and non-intimidating. I’ve hesitated to consult a tax preparer in the past because I was afraid he or she wouldn’t “get” freelancers, but this presentation put me more at ease…[I loved] the jargon-free language and humour. – A.K. Walker

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Taxes will always be an important part of running a business, and the earlier you learn the basics, the fewer headaches you’ll have down the road. You can’t afford to miss this invaluable and vital addition to your business education.

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About Sunny Widerman

Sunny Widerman, Tax Expert

Sunny Widerman has been a tax preparer and advisor since 2002, with a growing clientele of freelancers, business owners and professionals. Through her firm Personal Tax Advisors, Sunny specializes in helping clients take control of their tax planning by explaining the tax issues that affect them. She focuses on a gentle, non-threatening approach to financial issues and clear, jargon free language.

Love her enthusiasm! I enjoyed how knowledgeable she is, and funny… know[s] more than my accountant. — Anne P

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